Universal Laws

Introduction: Universal Laws


There are Universal and Mental Laws, based on the laws of energy and physics, and they affect every area of our lives. These laws have been known to people seeking “higher knowledge” for centuries.

Sometimes they are alluded to in popular motivational and self-help teachings, but rarely are they taught.

Since they are the FOUNDATION for all change, growth,healing and success, this knowledge is essential for your personal and spiritual growth—and I might add, for your health, happiness and fulfilling relationships.

Just as important as knowing these natural laws is understanding how the human mind works and the effect that your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions have on your health and entire life.

Most people who are interested in self-development have read and heard (over and over) that we create our life with our mind. What is not understood is “how” this happens.

We create our life with our mind through the principle of resonance (which is what “vibrational harmony” means). Everything is energy—and “everything” includes you. Your energy field (your vibrations) radiates into the Universe and attracts the people, things,events, situations and circumstances that your vibrations are in harmony with, and these become “your life.”

Your energy field also repels the people, things, events, situations and circumstances that your vibrations are not in harmony with. If you’re attracting things you don’t want, and repelling things you do want, it means you must
change your vibrations.

Beverly Nadler CH , CMT

“Never before in history has it been more important for people to know that this is an orderly, lawful universe — regardless of how things appear – and to know how the Universal Laws operate, so I invite you to “explore” my websites and books to learn more about the Universal Laws of Nature.”

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